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I joined this crazy place on 2008-01-15, 10 years ago.

» save Sunshine as my FRIEND - HOSER

I'm a wife to a Marine and a mom to an 8 yr. old boy, and I work as a paralegal. I am pretty open, so if you want to know something just ask. Oh, and save the drama, I get enough at work.

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Sunshine - 9 years ago

Me and dh talked about doing something like that but luckily, he gets out about the same time that my son does. I am glad that they have that accelerated graduation program at the school. As long as h...

Sunshine - 9 years ago

Hey!! Sorry, things have been really crazy. Thanks for thinking of me though!! How are you doin these days Monkey Manners?

May be a weird question - 9 years ago

I liked Dr. Edwards office. :) I also go to Dr. Edwards. He is great.

(Sigh) What is up with some people on LYS??? - 9 years ago

I don't understand. She didn't try to harrass you to give it to her for free the first time and you are upset about that? Maybe I am not understanding. Sorry.

Charter Folk - 9 years ago

Charter has been CRAZY slow lately. High speed internet my a$$.

It's our child, our decision...go away grandma - 9 years ago

From what ive seen no matter what you do sombody will be against it. Do what you feel is best for your child and ignore the rest. I agree (of course to a point, some people go WAY overboard...

Anyone seen the new ASPCA commercial? - 9 years ago

I can't watch those. They make me so sad.

not to bring back any drama, but i had to laugh.... - 9 years ago

My lil bro tried joining the Marines. He was home schooled, and you have to have a higher score if you are homeschooled. Well, he didn't make it, so he went and joined the army. I am still proud of hi...

FYI: Operation Repo is on again - 9 years ago

I can't stand Matt He is such a hot head. What a temper.

How much older... - 9 years ago

put me in the cougar club... I am 8 yrs older than my hubby.

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