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Praise to Nationwide Ins.! - 5 years ago

I've had nationwide for years for auto insurance and have been really pleased. When you file a claim with them it's so easy and they're really quick to pay.

Berkeley Manor, Watkins Village or McCutcheon??? Please help!!! - 5 years ago

[i]I think it's SNCO and Officer housing only though. [/i] There's also a section for E5's.

Berkeley Manor, Watkins Village or McCutcheon??? Please help!!! - 5 years ago

It would take at least 40 minutes on a good day to get on main side from the Air Station. i only have to go to the TT area from the Air Station and it takes me at least 30 minutes or more due to traff...

cotton candy machine rental - 5 years ago

Country Aire in Swansboro has them for $55 each. [url=http://www.countryairerental.com/]Cotton Candy Machine[/url] [url=http://www.countryairerental.com/]POPCORN[/url]

Berkeley Manor, Watkins Village or McCutcheon??? Please help!!! - 5 years ago

Keep in mind the wait times are just an estimate based on historical data. It can be shorter or longer. They update the wait times the first of each month. The Air station housing is nice, it's no...

Question - 5 years ago

[i]It is abuse. It is emotional abuse and neglect.[/i] It sure is emotional abuse. I can see putting a child in time out for misbehaving but to put a child out on the porch without clothes and in t...

Elementary schools out in town??? - 5 years ago

[url=http://onslowcounty.schoolinsites.com/]This might help[/url]

my bytch for the day - 5 years ago

[i]No its the way that J gets paid at his job, he has a w-2 and a 10-99, we have 3 kids and a house AND STILL ahve to pay, yup I'm going to complain![/i] Maybe he need's to have more taken out duri...


The link says they count the "total" income. They also look at things like what you have in the bank, the year of your car etc.

my bytch for the day - 6 years ago

If I were to get anything back I would be happy. I usually have to pay every year also. It's rough when you don't have any kids to claim and not enough deductions to do the long form.

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