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♥ Mrs.B ♥

I joined this crazy place on 2007-09-04, 10 years ago.

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Happily married 8.16.07 Mommy to little H 3.18.08 Army Wives Addict

latest comments

UGH!! This is annoying - 8 years ago

I find it completely disrespectful that she would argue with you about a choice you made with your child for her protection. I get it. Who wants everyone and their momma kissing on their baby? H loves...

At what age do you take a pacifier away? - 8 years ago

If they are going to suck, I'd rather them suck on a binky instead of their thumb...easier to take the binky away than to cut their thumbs off, lol. Ditto. H is 14 months and still has his ...

what do yall think?? - 9 years ago

I agree with HM. Many heterosexual Marines flaunt their countless, meaningless relationships all over the place. Many times in an inappropriate manner at work. Why should someone who is homosexual hav...

Whatcha think?.... - 9 years ago

Sweets-I saw a tattoo this guy had done of all the women in his family. It is a star and all of the names are a side of the star. Although, I think you would need ten names?

If you let your baby cry it out - 9 years ago

I use a toned-down version of the CIO method. My son has a cup before bed, then he gets a pacifier and blanket and goes in his crib promptly at seven. After that he does not come out of the crib unles...

The Say Something Nice about your S/O thread - 9 years ago

My husband puts up with my major mood swings and has accepted it is something I can't control all the time. He lets me sleep in on the weekends and gets up with H. When he is deployed, he reminds me e...

Orders Vent/ Advice as well - 9 years ago

Someone- McConnel Airforce Base is in Wichita, KS (where I am from). I don't know where at in KS you would be going, but there is also an army post up in northern KS as well.

POLL: If you could have an hour to be around the person who took your virginity... - 9 years ago

I chose other. If I had an hour, he would end up dead. Give me about five minutes to tell him just how much he sucks at life for ruining my dad's birthday every year and I would be good.

Freak Show - 9 years ago

Two of my boys have taken pacifiers and one didn't. Not one of them went to bed with a bottle. I parent different, but I don't think there is anything wrong with a child taking water to bed. It's not ...

Daycare/ Pre-school question - 9 years ago

There is a place right off Western on Huff Dr (by SPEC) that can give you a list of all the daycares with openings in his age range. It's directly across from Chik-Fil-A and completely free. They are ...

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