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Dog feces all over in TT

who's talking here?

Mema C 1

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Mema C --- 1 years ago -

Hello all, I have live here on CL TT for a few months now and am just floored by all the dog feces everywhere. I walk my dog twice a day everyday and have my own poop bags to clean up after him. Everyday I see most pet owners walking or rather letting their dogs walk the common areas and just leaving the poop. I can't even open the master bedroom window in our house because of the amount of poop the people in the complex next to us have let accumulate in the common area between our homes. It seems to be people with big dogs that just have no concern for cleaning up after their dogs. Then there is the dog park on TT. Why is it locked? Where are people supposed to take their dogs to play freeley or play fetch? 

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