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What are local outdoor hobbies here?

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a3527040uu --- 5 years ago -

Hi, my husband PCSed here over a year ago from California and we liked to do outdoor activities like hiking, and I enjoy yoga and mountain biking also but since we moved here I haven't been able to find mountain hiking/biking trails and yoga classes are so few that I cannot seem to find one that fits my schedule. This makes living here very depressing for me and I also feel like I do not fit in. It has been such a change.
My question is, what do people do in eastern Carolina for fun? What hobbies might I enjoy doing while we are here? I know that the beach is one and we went many times over the summer but it isn't as enjoyable for me for some reason sitting around. We have two young children also and I am getting very tired of just going to the park constantly because we do not know what else to do with our time. We live in sneads ferry and there is nowhere to safely run/ ride bikes with children because of the highways having no sidewalk. Please give me some ideas we could do on the weekends because I am sure there are plenty of fun things we just haven't seen yet. Thank you so much!!! 

dmc21 (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Check out the recreation tab on MCCS website.

Also check out Emerald Isle. You can rent bikes and stuff there, too.

I'm on my phone so that's the best I can do right now. I'll see what I can do later when I'm on a computer. :) 

dmc21 (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

make sure you check both the Camp Lejeune, and the New River MCCS sites. They both have water sports if that's what you like.

I don't know about hiking, but I do know there are quite a few water things you can do.

There's a place in Cedar Point that rents things like kayaks and such (as does one of the bases).

The Hubert Park has a little trail area you can walk. It's not real hiking, though. Because it's so flat here, I don't think you'll find much hiking in the area, unless you can find someone's land to walk. Then, IMO, it's still just walking in the woods, which there are a few areas you can do that. 

dbal --- 5 years ago -

Paddle board- we used to live in SF. We'd take our girls out on our paddle boards. They loved it. 

cdubs --- 5 years ago -

There's kayak fishing coming up through the base that is. 

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