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OB update

who's talking here?

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Skoochers --- 10 years ago -

Saw my midwife this morning. Everything is looking good, I am actually measuring just a tiny bit bigger than "average" right now. My only issues are swelling feet, leg cramps, and mood swings. And since I'm high risk for preterm labor, she wants to see me again in 2 weeks. Hooray for 10 minute OB appts, lol.  

Ashley in TX --- 10 years ago -

DEF watch that swelling! high blood pressure is NOT a thing to mess with, trust me i know... my BP got sooo high that i lost 30% of my vision during labor because of it! that's how scary and serious that can become! keep your eye on the swelling, i had all the signs i just didnt know what to look for! i thought it was normal how swollen i was, but it wasnt... glad everything seems to be going well! 

Ashley in TX --- 10 years ago -

oh, my vision came back about 4-6 weeks later though.. but they didnt know if it was going to or not, but it did THANK GOD! 

Skoochers --- 10 years ago -

It's just my ankles/feet, not my hands or face. My blood pressure is great! It's normally very low, around 90/60, so right now it's basically normal, lol. And my swelling is mainly due to chasing the other kiddos around in the heat. 

Skoochers --- 10 years ago -

Yeah thank goodness it came back! I know blood pressure changes the pressures in your eyes, it must have been really high to do that! 

a3423472uu --- 1 years ago -


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