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Update on Erin Gould

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morgan --- 9 years ago -

I swear we know this Erin. When I looked at the fundraising site link I thought for sure we had someone on here that said their DH was into extreme boxing or something like that. It may have been about the tuff man compo thingy. I wonder where she worked at, maybe we know her from there. 

Sasha --- 9 years ago -

I forgot where it said she worked at but she did attend Coastal and graduated fromt here. She does have the all American Girl look. 

♥TWsMommy♥ --- 9 years ago -

She worked at Convergys, I used to work there and they have a big sign up for her any everything, to get better of course. 

morgan --- 9 years ago -

I forgot where it said she worked at but she did attend Coastal and graduated fromt here. Fark that is where I know her from. I taught one semester there and I bet that is where I remember her from. 

Sasha --- 9 years ago -

Yeah she was president in 2005 of one of the sororities there (Sigma Sigma Sigma) ... her 'sisters' are the ones that have started that foundation for her family. 

morgan --- 9 years ago -

Yeah she was president in 2005 of one of the sororities there (Sigma Sigma Sigma) ... her 'sisters' are the ones that started that foundation for her family. Was she also student body prez at one point? 

Sasha --- 9 years ago -

I don't think the website mentions it. 

morgan --- 9 years ago -

I will find out later on that one. I still may have the girl mixed up with someone else. It bugs me that I think I know her. Nagging feeling and it still is not my concern to worry about her just wanting to know. kwim 

Sasha --- 9 years ago -

This update still waiting for confirmation on her website (http://erinprince.com/): "Just thought I'd share some good news ... EP is starting to WALK!!! (with the help of a walker of course) She's being worked with everyday by numerous physical/occupational/speech therapists, but she's kicking butt* and taking names. Please keep praying, and don't forget to make a donation to www.erinprince.com. I think Yvonne said we're just $300 shy of our January goal!" From Yvonne: "Quick donation update: We are just $60 shy of $1500 for the month of January. And it's ONLY January 15th! Guys I am amazed at the support, love and generosity coming in from all over the country. Great job everyone! Erin's family has expressed their appreciation for everything we're doing. Below is an email I received from Erin's aunt. Please keep spreading the word about the site and showing your encouragement. From Erin's aunt: "I just wanted to say thank you for what you're doing to help, and I know I can speak for my brothers, sister and parents to say, we appreciate it too. Erin absolutely loves you girls and she is truly blessed to have friends like you." I hope all of you have a Happy New Year. It's been difficult, but I can't say it's been terrible because Erin is still here. It doesn't seem like enough, but Thank you." 

Sasha --- 9 years ago -

"The Tri Sigma Chapter at UNCW has graciously decided to hold a fundraiser in honor of Erin, with proceeds benifitting the Erin Prince Gould fund. They will be hosting a "Moe's Night" at Moe's Southwest Grill at Oleander and College in Wilmington, with 20% of the proceeds of the food sold going to the EPG Fund. The only thing is, you have to present a flyer with your purchase, which I believe can be found at the following facebook event group: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?sid=b8b1e84470df4aad4f434f06c9d418f0&eid=49976156855 So if you're in the Wilmington area, please go and enjoy a burrito the size of your face :) or a quesadilla or a salad, whatever your preference, (you can always find something delicious at Moes!) and help support the UNCW Sigmas and Erin. These women don't even know Erin personally, and they are willing to give of their time and energy to plan a fundraiser for her. This just shows what a special person Erin is, and how strong our bond of sisterhood is. I know that several other Tri Sigma chapters are planning events to benefit Erin, and as soon as I am notified I will send out a message letting everyone know in case they are in your area! And if we don't have a fundraiser in your area, you can always donate freely to www.erinprince.com! Erin continues to make miraculous strides everyday, so please continue to pray for her. As we have seen over the past month our prayers are being answered through Erin's continued recovery. Peace and Love, Chelsea O'Donnell" 

jlgg --- 1 years ago -

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