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This is just sick...

who's talking here?

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PAJ14 --- 7 years ago -

oops sorry for the double post. 

Alice --- 7 years ago -

I haven't read all the comments on here, was it their child, or someone else's? 

CivilianWife --- 7 years ago -

Deputies say Anderson and her husband are accused of giving sleeping pills to the child and then performed sex acts on her while she was unconscious. Deputies originally got the case after the Naval Criminal Investigative Service received information that the two video recorded sex acts with the child.

My guess on why he's charged too... He brought home the sleeping pills. 2 other sailors are of interest as well. 

PAJ14 --- 7 years ago -

was it their child, or someone else's?

I was wondering that same thing. I do not believe it was clarified in that article. 

chefniki --- 7 years ago -

Guess you can't accept friend requests from jail.


chefniki --- 7 years ago -


Carlita --- 7 years ago -

Came in to watch the train wreck ... you know that moment when a friend or family member comes to defend them explaining how "such nice people" they are. 

Carlita --- 7 years ago -

I feel like one of the posters here, not reading this nastiness but did happen hear it on the news.

Now how is she a "Marine wife" but married to a Sailor??? Was It a mistype?

Humm, I will just read the article later on so I can know the facts rather than speculating or asking. 

MommyofThree --- 7 years ago -

If you go back through and read what everyones said I had corrected myself... When I first posted the link they didnt say if the guys were marines or sailors and being a mostly marine base I assumed he was a marine... seesh, shoot me. I had already apologized for it! 

Carlita --- 7 years ago -

seesh, shoot me. I had already apologized for it!

Sorry, I apologize myself ... I had not read the article or posts on here because just the thought of what they did to this poor child made me literally sick & also time constraints.

I thought there was more to it like the woman was married to both men or some other sick stuff like that.

May everyone responsible for stealing this poor child's innocence & harming her be brought to swift justice & have the book thrown at them. 

oakleysunglasses --- 2 years ago -

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jlgg --- 1 years ago -

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