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Scentsy M*W*

I joined this crazy place on 2008-11-07, 9 years ago.

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POLL: Which - 8 years ago

Scentsy warmers/room spray.... and lysol disinfectant spray on trash cans and diaper champs. And Fabreeze fabric stuff

Copy of Orders - 8 years ago

Can anyone please tell me how to go about getting a copy of my husbands orders?? We some how "misplaced" his orders to come to Lejeune and need a copy of them. It was 2 1/2 years ago that he was st...

Gold's Gym members - 8 years ago

yepp...Onslow Fitness is where it's at!

Skin Care - 8 years ago

Dermalogica works wonders but it's SO dang expensive. A little tester kit was $30 for like three 2 ounce tubes. Ridiculous

Do you use MaryKay?? - 8 years ago

well my aunt just started selling it and she's coming on Saturday to do a consultation I just don't want to spend a bunch of money buying stuff if it doesn't work, ya know? lol I don't really thin...

Do you use MaryKay?? - 8 years ago

Hey I was just wondering if many of you use MaryKay?? If so what do you think about the products?? Do you think the quality is good for the price?

There's so many things I could say but........ - 8 years ago

I thought a juggalo was some type of prostitute?? like a pimp and his hoes

Is this NOT Understandable? - 8 years ago

Seriously though I keep adding to it to make sure everyone who sees it understands and I am still getting emails with a question that is already answered. people are honestly just stupid...

*Sigh*-Is she serious????!!!! My day just got better...not! - 8 years ago

So you're saying if someone bought your kid some clothes you'd be upset?? I LOVE it when people buy my son clothes.

Look on labels when buying @ commissary! - 8 years ago

yes but she has a 18 pack, ahhh ha. Must have missed that part! lol that is pretty bad then.

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