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I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-30, 9 years ago.

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orthopedic drs besides esposito - 7 years ago

I go to Atlantic Ortho in Wilmington.

Dr. Bruce? - 7 years ago

I took my daughter to a Ped's Dentist once, that we enough for me. He wanted to sedate her. I said no and took her to a general Dentist and she was a perfect patient.

Quick Question for Navy People - 7 years ago

It all depends on what his rating (MOS) is. Some ratings are in higher demand then other. Yes someone can be a Senior Chief and be age 30.

Looking for a washer repair - 7 years ago

Powell's on Piney Green.

If you're going to base now - 8 years ago

Piney Green is backed up to 17.

Sooo Anyone selling any cars? - 8 years ago

I got my daughters car off of Craigslist.

Moms of teen girls - 8 years ago

I had a guy, with a wife and child, give my daughter, when she was 13, a long look. I flashed him her age and gave him the stink eye. Rude!!

Anyone every taking Chantix? - 8 years ago

I haven't felt out of it and only low energy in the afternoon but goes away. I've been drinking a ton of water today and it has helped. My quit date is Monday!!!

Anyone every taking Chantix? - 8 years ago

I'm on day 3 and haven't had any problems. I do get sleepy in the afternoon but nothing I can't handle.

Stocking up on groceries - 8 years ago


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