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I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-20, 9 years ago.

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I need help (TMI).... - 8 years ago

try laying on your left side......

I'm very surprised and saddened.... - 8 years ago

TM, we didn't really converse on here too much...but I just wanted to offer my sincere condolences. I am terribly sorry about your loss. A parent should never have to bury their child. My thoughts ar...

Does anyone know.... - 8 years ago

what happened to the Quiznos over in the Old Navy complex?? We went over there for dinner last night and all the lights were off and the chairs were off the floor....then I called there today and the...

Brooke is here :) (PIC ) - 8 years ago

congrats!! she is so adorable!!!

tomorrow..... - 8 years ago

is my 1 year anniversary for being a LU member!!! haha....just wanted to share :-)

luckest guy ever - 8 years ago

thanks babe!! I love you too!! :-*

Ever had your tip changed on a credit card?-Answer found! - 8 years ago

the best thing to do if you don't leave a tip is to either write something on there like "none" or to make a slash mark through the space....that way they can't write a 1 in front of anything or it's ...

this is probably a stupid question so forgive me..... - 8 years ago

ok...thanks guys

this is probably a stupid question so forgive me..... - 8 years ago

is 99.2 considered a fever?? I usually have a temp of about 97.7/97.8.

Lovely scenery of Louisiana........... - 8 years ago

awww...poor thing :-(

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