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billiejean Doop

I joined this crazy place on 2008-03-08, 10 years ago.

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Hiya, I'm Doop. I pick, therefore I grin.

latest comments

mini van vs third row SUV - 4 years ago

We finally bit the bullet and got a Suburban. We needed the 8th seat because of our new little one that arrived in August, but even with ALL the kids it still has great cargo room. I LOVE it. It gets ...

omegle or chatroullete - 5 years ago

[i]I still don't believe the foot fetish person was actually a guy. [/i] Hey, wasn't that shroomy? With his private jet? ha! Good times, good times.

Fetal pole question. - 5 years ago

Update. Thank you ladies for all the prayers and good thoughts. Today, baby was measuring the same (5w4d), and I am supposed to be 11 weeks Friday. We had our sonogram and the baby has not grown,...

Fetal pole question. - 5 years ago

Hey ladies. Just wondering if anyone has had a late developing fetal pole? I'm 9 weeks today, according to my LMP, which was very accurate. I know when I ovulated. I had my first appointment yesterda...

SCAM!! Brian XXXX- Buyer beware! - 5 years ago

I would definitely research and get more outside opinions on a business before such a costly repair, because the lowest price doesn't always mean the best of services. Sorry this happened to you.

Baby Due Dates 2012 - 5 years ago

Ahh, where's the 2013 due date chart?!

Does anyone know where BillieJeanDoop is? - 6 years ago

Hey, Michelle! I responded to your email, I'm sorry it took me a few days!! We have been super busy lately. I miss your babies faces!

Miss Everley's newborn shoot - 6 years ago

Aww she is beautiful!! I want a baby girl :(

Guess who is back.... - 6 years ago

[i]Weren't you the crazy dude who claimed he was going to be a pirate or own a pirate ship or something crap like that? [/i] ell em bee ohhhh!!

If I added up all the money I've spent on........ - 6 years ago

[i]I'm addicted to pregnancy tests, too.[/i] Me three. I got the early ones, 10 hcg and the wondfo tests for super cheap. The downside, they are super duper sensitive and can detect 'chemical pregn...

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