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I joined this crazy place on 2008-01-22, 10 years ago.

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A kooky lady with one cat, one husband and one baby on the way; I'm a college graduate who spends way too much time souping up her computer, playing web designer, studying, knitting various things and reading too many books. I hate dusting (Allergies suck!) but I don't mind laundry. The cat in the first picture is Miss Kitty; she died earlier this year.

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Yipee! - 7 years ago

[i] I still get excited when I win one of those claw games with the stuffed animals. LOL [/i] So do I; I don't play them because I suck that badly at them. :D

This b!tch makes me sick!!! WARNING:: VERY DISTURBING - 7 years ago

[i] I love baby massages. [/i] Same here.

incase youre REALLY in need - 7 years ago

[i]And Adam and Eve or Pricilla McCalls is too far to drive they now carry Durex's little vibrator at the C-store on TT. [/i] *cracks up*

does coastal - 7 years ago

LD, the majority of my classes (With the exception of 1 or two.) were all online; I couldn't stand idiots in the classroom.

cat liter question.. - 7 years ago

I tried changing Noel's cat litter to another brand. She was not pleased; she started pooing outside of the litter box! >( Since going back to Fresh Step (and a new litter box), she stopped the...


That is one good thing about California; the quality of restaurants isn't too bad. Since we moved here, we love Souplantation!

letting your baby "cry it out" - 7 years ago

I got a lot more flack for not giving Bee formula right off the bat than for breastfeeding her.

does coastal - 7 years ago

If they do, it's usually the general psychology class.

letting your baby "cry it out" - 7 years ago

It's one thing if the infant is at least 5 months; it's totally different if the infant is a month old.

lost my FARKING WALLET - 7 years ago

Good luck finding your wallet.

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