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I joined this crazy place on 2008-01-11, 10 years ago.

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Dropping homeowners because no auto? - 8 years ago

We have had Homeowners with Farm Bureau for two years since we bought the house. We had Farm Bureau for auto but then switched to Progressive and were never without either. Just to clear it up :)

Dropping homeowners because no auto? - 8 years ago

I'm learning that. And of course my husband did it all the first time around and he won't be back before it expires. So I get to have a learning experiences

Dropping homeowners because no auto? - 8 years ago

Has anyone had their homeowners not renewed because they didn't have auto insurance with the same company? We just got a letter from Farm Bureau saying they were not renewing it for that reason and th...

Computer Experts-How do I delete info? - 8 years ago

I did and its coming up with things to buy. I'll go back and try putting in the computer model

Medical terminology at coastal - 8 years ago

It was super ridiculousy easy. At least with the professor I had. I think it was Diane Lakes or something similar

Computer Experts-How do I delete info? - 8 years ago

I am selling a computer and want to delete all of my personal info. Could anyone tell me how to? TIA

Weighted Tag Registrations - 9 years ago

I have to renew my husband's tags this month and am trying to look on the DMV site to find out how much it will cost, but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know by chance? Also, how much is the inspe...

Lupus - 9 years ago

Does anyone here have or know someone that has Lupus and wouldn't mind sharing your experiences? You can PM me. Thanks

Everyone ready for the 30% insurance hike? - 9 years ago

Ours was raised last month and I really hope that's why and it won't be raised again. Between that and auto insurance increase we're paying crazy amounts. I think it's time to shop around

What did you get for MOTHERS DAY?? - 9 years ago

I got a locket with the babies picture, flowers and a card that A "signed"

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