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I joined this crazy place on 2007-11-22, 10 years ago.

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Base Housing vs Renting - 4 years ago

We just rented a duplex with a large fenced yard for $725. I think if you're willing to get a townhome or duplex you could find one in your price range. There are a ton of listings on Zillow! This is ...

Okinawa - 4 years ago

You'll have to get a new phone. I've heard rumor of jailbreaking iphone but a lot of people say it didn't work for them. There are two main companies, Softbank and AU. AU has better signal in my exper...

Okinawa - 4 years ago

I'm in Oki now, about to head back to Lejeune. As for the med screening. We just filled out a big packet of questions and turned it in,from there they had a doctor see us and then they make their reco...

Would you choose on or off base? - 5 years ago

Thanks for your opinions. We've never lived on base anywhere and it's been fine. We like feeling like we're away from the military when we're at home. The allure of a shorter commute and a yard for th...

Would you choose on or off base? - 5 years ago

We're moving there in August. E-5 with one child. We lived there once before and lived at Cardinal Village off base but now that we have our son we're debating living on base. Pros and cons? Is ther...

Sunglow Spray Tan - 7 years ago

a2795598uu are you the same as a3286697uu on the OU? I'm not in lejeune anymore, but I still stop by the LU every once in awhile...a screen name very similar to that one just came on our board to d...

Naval Hospital expansion - 7 years ago

It's about time.

What do you think about FRO's - 7 years ago

This thread was entertaining. Hold on Nova, I'm making you a queen of the world trophy...I got the tin foil on sale...thanks to my FRO who alerted me to the sales! I would rather get too much inf...

Let's see your HS! - 7 years ago

I went to Aurora Central Catholic. They're having mass outside. Gag me. I can't get a picture to show up. They do have an official facebook page though. I think that's funny.

Wisdom Teeth Question - 7 years ago

Get stationed in Okinawa, it'll be free. I got it done in Nc and paid about $600, all four were impacted.

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