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I joined this crazy place on 2007-10-18, 10 years ago.

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100% online colleges - 6 years ago

www.lenoircc.edu/ has an online section that you never have to set foot on the school grounds not even to sign up for classes. They have many degrees that you can take online and if you are in the Mil...

omg :( taxes (oh yeh ima say it) - 6 years ago

Before freaking out, if you are using a tax program start over with it. Erase everything and just start over. I had a problem when I used Turbo it did not count one of my kids even though I had them e...

Vets office-heart worm preventative - 6 years ago

Just go to Tractor Supply at 2748 RICHLANDS HWY - JACKSONVILLE NC 28540 ( 910) 937-9787 and buy you some ivermectin. Google how to use it on dogs. I use it on my goats, horses and dogs. Same crap in t...

Little late for THIS hurricane... - 6 years ago

[i]But this is something you might want to invest in. We bought ours in Okinawa & LOVE it! It keeps ice for 5 days in 90 degree weather.[/i] Dang thank you. I am getting these for Christmas Prese...

Disposable cell phone - 6 years ago

I would go with straight talk at walmart. 30 or 45 dollar plan and the 45 is unlimited. No contact and it cheap phone is about 30.

"tropical storm katia" - 6 years ago

I know people still without power on main roads. They are being told Thursday or Friday they may have it on. I have one generator and looking to investing in one more on the smaller scale. I need one ...

Hurricane Irene - 6 years ago

If anyone could find out when this curfew really does start that would be great. I have found two statements. One starting at 12.01 am Saturday and the other at 6am Saturday. The curfew will be i...

Why the EFF (child abusers accuser revealed) - 6 years ago

[i]Apparently the father of 3 of the kids is from another state and he reported them, but I thought that was confidential. grrrrrrrrrrr apparently not anymore[/i] The father posted on one of the ...

Hurricane Irene - 6 years ago

I do not want anyone getting hurt by one of these BUT we need the rain bad. We are in such need we need a CAT 1 each month for a year. Yes, a little over board there but we are that bad off.

Waaaaahhhhhhhh What am I to do? - 6 years ago

You have earned a new machine with all the moving you have had to do. Go treat yourself.

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