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I joined this crazy place on 2007-02-21, 11 years ago.

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~*~Everyday I am VERY Smart.. Depending on the Personality of the day, depends on what kind of Smarty I will be...HAHAHA!!!~*~ **Yes i spell things wrong, Yes i dont use CORRECT typing skills.. So please forgive me if I dont live to your correct standards of english...HAHAHA!!!** Ummmm POOF.....

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OMG, I'm going to do it (W2 Question) - 6 years ago

OH Ladies with the REAL Tax knowledge! Here is a question for you to ponder over. I have always done our taxes, exept once, I didnt understrand the, deployment + buying a new car+ trading in that ...

Is there anyone out there that will talk about anxiety attacks? - 6 years ago

Mine is worrying about every little detail. When I was younger I was always compared to my brothers and sisters in sports, school, music, you name it, pushing to be the best they called it. Granted...

Berkley Manor - 6 years ago

[i]Just go to.the meeting next Thursday and you will hear exactly how everyone feels about it. [/i] Sorry, I will pay to go to a circus or a zoo.. All I am forseeing is a mosh pit, or something. I...

Berkley Manor - 6 years ago

Don't like it. A few bad eggs spoiled it for us in TT. Which is the reason why for me. Ex: Husband on deployment, & at 2a I was woken to 2 military guys that had a "good night", thought that my home w...

Where or who to complain about this crazy teacher??? HEEEEELP!!! - 6 years ago

So she comes to us... which I know I dont have a real legal back ground. Wanting us to help, but wont give us a name, cant talk about it, cant say the school... yip dead end... At least on my part.

Where or who to complain about this crazy teacher??? HEEEEELP!!! - 6 years ago

Normally you can find public records online for free. If you go to the county website. That is how I finally got rid of my dads lying, stealing, good for nothing, plus to top it all off, so she couldn...

29 Palms - 6 years ago

The housing issue is EFMP related. I have made some calls & hopefully it will be resolved soon.

29 Palms - 6 years ago

Like dance, cheer...

29 Palms - 6 years ago

Do they charge for electric. Housing told hubs no. But we heard different. So i need to get stocked up on my nebulizer.. yay!!!

Where does your husband - 6 years ago

My sis use to cut all her neighbors hair in her garage on sundays. she charged $5. At 1st she started out with just a couple then word got around and she started doin cuts on sat & sun on her own time...

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