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I joined this crazy place on 2007-02-20, 11 years ago.

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POLL: When did you? - 6 years ago

It seems like nowadays, girls are getting pregnant younger and there is not a shun as much as there used to be. My niece had her daughter in December. She was 14 and a freshman. There was a girl th...

Harris Teeter triple coupons - 6 years ago

When I find out a definite, I'll post it :) Up here, we have a store called Giants. They do it every now and again, but only 4 per household :(

Harris Teeter triple coupons - 6 years ago

They will double up to 20 coupons that are $1, meaning they will be worth $2.

Harris Teeter triple coupons - 6 years ago

Rumor has it that Harris Teeter will be doing the super double coupons this month, 15-21!

Coupon Binder - 6 years ago

Thanks guys. I have a zipper 3 ring binder. I have the 4x6 photo album pages. Right now, I have 20 different pages. The pages are broken down into like HBA, and then in different pockets might be ...

Coupon Binder - 6 years ago

Who uses one? How do you organize it? I started mine today and I don't know of I like my layout. I know I definitely need different sized sheets, but Walmart's selection sucked.

need advice... - 6 years ago

When my ex first joined the Marine Corps, we had no clue what we were doing. Well, I didn't. So, we moved down here with my van filled with stuff, and then his parents came down a couple of weeks la...

who is going to the coupon thing this week - 6 years ago

[url=http://lejeuneunderground.com/topic.jsp?topicId=11655169]Previous thread[/url]

What's your secret addiction? - 6 years ago

If I tell, it won't be a secret ;) I do love watching Secret Life of American Teenager, Teen Mom. LOL. So does Leah. She's fascinated with them. Luckily, she sees how hard it is for my niece to...

Coupon Class - 6 years ago

I'm just outside of Hershey :)

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