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I joined this crazy place on 2009-12-10, 9 years ago.

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Base Theater $3 - 7 years ago

They remodeled all three theaters; midway, lejeune and new river. No nasty seats. They're all brand new. I've been there lots of times and never had any screaming kids running the aisles. Seems li...

Base Theater $3 - 7 years ago

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE the base theater because it's cheap, clean and never busy. On 9 Sept, prices are going from $2 to $3. Still a good deal! http://www.mccslejeune.com/movies/ind...

Things that aren't rules but should be - 7 years ago

[b]Just because I'm bored and you probably are as well... add to the list, I know you have something![/b] College should be free, or at least affordable for most people. People who own large truc...

Dog Park on TT - 7 years ago

[b]anyone want to go to the dog park tonight around 7? [/b]

bad news for pregnant chicks - 7 years ago

[i]lmao really? I'm pretty sure they could another maternity store to go to. It's not that hard [/i] The problem with that, [b]Krystal in SC[/b], is that we don't have a single maternity store her...

Car repair - 7 years ago

It's cheaper if you repair it yourself. You can find the motor and parts at a junk yard. I'm not handy like that but I bet you could find a mechanic marine who would do it for you cheaper than a repa...

bad news for pregnant chicks - 7 years ago

Awhile back there was a thread on here about what's rumored to be opening/built and I mentioned the maternity store going in in the mall....well, my tattoo artist, the one who was gonna open it, is no...

Divorce cost - 7 years ago

military or civilian? You can go to JAG on base and they'll do the paperwork for you free. All you have to do is file and pay court costs at the court house. They are right, there is virtually no ...

Dog Park on TT - 7 years ago

Anyone interested? I know it's hot outside...

Dog Park on TT - 7 years ago

It's sort of on the corner of Bougainville Dr & Saipan Dr, across from the red and white water tower.

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