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I joined this crazy place on 2007-07-09, 11 years ago.

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I am a full time student and married to the Corps.

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First kiss - 10 years ago

That was so long ago, I honestly have no idea. I wonder if he remembers? I'll have to ask him later.

Who's online??? - 10 years ago

I'm avoiding the parade. What are the times of the parade?

anyone else really bored...... - 10 years ago

I have the flu, so I'm pretty much miserable and there's nothing I want to watch on tv to take my mind off being sick...I'm thinking of taking Benedryl and sleeping the rest of the day.

Ok soooo hubby question - 10 years ago

stick with it tootsie, it'll all work out. Be alliances instead of adversaries.

Ok soooo hubby question - 10 years ago

It's tough because you care about him and his health.

Ok soooo hubby question - 10 years ago

You can't control him, and shouldn't try, it won't end well. Once he's back just ask that he not smell like it when he comes home...and not to do it in the car (YUCK!) Out of sight (or smell in ...

Ok soooo hubby question - 10 years ago

Who cares while he's gone? Once he gets back you can talk to him face to face and be able to really relate your feelings to him. Don't sweat the things you have no control over.

Ok soooo hubby question - 10 years ago

Do you care if he smokes while he's gone? I took a laissez faire approach, and he quit on his own. I told him not around me, and then he didn't get deployed for 2 years and it stuck.

Ok soooo hubby question - 10 years ago

He will grow up eventually. Just have faith and support him. I married my hubs when he was 21...he's now older, more mature, and even said to me that it's a wonder that I stayed with him. lol. There's...

Ok soooo hubby question - 10 years ago

I'm sure Tootsie has brought up all these points with her hubs...It sounds like he's being stubborn and immature. Men don't like being told what to do, esp military men (they get enough of it at work)...

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